Solving Problems With Connection, Compassion, and Fun

Kids and teens with ADHD often do things that seem to defy logic. Knowing how the ADHD brain works can unlock ideas and solutions that are simple and that WORK.  Individual coaching helps parents build that customized instruction manual for their child they often wish they had.

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Meet Brigette

Hi! I'm Brigette .

I am a certified life coach, proud ADHDer, and the mother of 6 amazing children – 5 of whom also have ADHD. 

I graduated from Brigham Young University in Psychology and certified as a professional coach through The Life Coach School, with additional training from the ADD Coaches Association (ADDCA).

I combine proven coaching techniques, the latest in knowledge about the ADHD brain, and 27 years of ADHD parenting experience with lots of creativity and fun.  I love my clients and the opportunity to help them connect with their kids, unlock their parenting wisdom, and preserve their peace. 

Work with me

Your child needs a unique instruction manual.

Traditional parenting techniques are often not effective for kids and teens with ADHD.  Together, we craft a unique “Operator’s Manual” that draws on your child’s strengths and addresses specific challenges. 


Real Benefits

The lessons I have learned and continue to learn are invaluable to me! I now have “tools” that help me see and approach life with a different view.  The best part of all of this experience is not only do I see how capable I am, but I can see my worth and love who I was, and truly appreciate all I did to get to where I am! For the first time in my life I am confident in who I am, and know that I am enough!


Brigette and I met 14 years ago when I was a young mother. She inspired me even back then to be a better person. She is upbeat, positive and encouraging. Having her to support you in your goals will get you motivated to accomplish and become your best self! Definitely recommend her as a coach! 


Brigette listened without judging me or my child.  She gets it.  Being able to be that honest about the things that were hard without worrying about how it made us sound is what I needed.  Being totally open and honest helped me realize things I didn’t know were there.


Let’s Get Started

During your free session, we’ll talk about what you want most – both for yourself and your child.  We’ll talk about what is great about them, and what the challenges are.  We’ll begin crafting a plan to make parenthood work better and be more joy-filled. 

Many parents of kids and teens with ADHD also have ADHD or ADHD tendencies.  If this is you, we can also address your personal challenges and structure everything in a way that works for your brain. 

After the free call, sessions are $75 each.  No expensive packages or ongoing commitment. You control the pace and scheduling.